In Studio Newborn Session – How to Prepare & What to Expect

Sleepy Baby Tips

There is no doubt that being a new parent can be over whelming, especially those first few weeks. I totally understand being a parent myself, I can relate with you. It will all be worth it. There is no other time that your precious baby will look quite like he/she does now. The peaceful curled up babies seen throughout my work all have one thing in common; their parents all prepped the same way before their session. A peaceful state of sleepiness is the ultimate goal of our newborn session. To ensure this, I’m asking a little bit of prep from you! A sleepy baby is critical to the success of your newborn session so please follow all of my helpful tips and instructions. I’ve photographed many babies and have concocted the perfect sleep equation!

Bath + Full Feeding + Car Ride to the Studio= Sleepy Baby & Amazing Session!

Prep for Mom & Dad

1. Pack- & Prep Milk- If your breastfeeding than try to stay nice an hydrated and eat hearty meals- If bottle than please bring 1-2 extra feedings than you expect to need. -Outfit for baby to wear home, sleepers are always best! -Please dress causal and cool to studio it wil be WARM WARM WARM bring your parent outfit with Parent shots are my favorite, capturing the connection between you and your baby is something you will cherish. Skin to skin is not just for the hospital, but it creates the most stunning images. Dads if your not comfortable going shirtless than wear a tight fitting shirt (white or black) with well fiting jeans Moms keep your tops simple in design (tanks or classic tshirts) your hands will be in the images so avoid naild polish or go with something neutral. Also all parent images are close and personal and I aim to use angles that are flattering to all post baby body types. Sibling- Photographing the newest member of your family with your already beloved members is a great way to document your growing family. For sisters please bring a well fiting neutral top perferably a tank top. Hair nautral or in braids, free of bows or ties and clean nails. Brothers well fiting jeans and if not shirtless than well fiting white tshirt-There is bathroom at studio for mom and dad to get dressed, we start with baby and so there is ample time for mom to prep hair and makeup! – Pacifier- While this is not a requirement it is super helpful even if you never plan to use one, having it available for the short two hours session can make a session go smoother.

2 Bathe Baby– The purpose of the bath is not just to clean the baby and ensure the fabulous soft fuzzy baby hair; it also makes them smell amazing! While all that is true, the real reason for the bath is to keep baby awake and tire them out. If your baby’s umbilical cord is off, please give a full bath otherwise sponge bathe. The key is to linger during the bath, draw it out longer than you normally would. You want your baby awake so dilly dally and take your time. as to tire them out.

3 Full Feeding– Feed the Baby- Give your baby a FULL Feeding right before getting in the car. This is not a “snack” feeding- tickle feet, change the diaper, do anything and everything you can to keep the baby awake and ensure a full feeding. A full tummy equals a sleepy baby! Tip- Get dressed and packed before feeding baby so its the last thing you do before heading to studio!

4 Getting Dressed- After feeding baby, I prefer for the baby to only be dressed in a diaper. Depending on the time of year, or if you feel uncomfortable with this, dress your baby in a wrap style tee (like one from the hospital) Depending on the weather, tuck the baby with a blanket for added warmth. Absolutely Nothing that pulls over the head, tight socks, or mitts with elastic. Secure the diaper with “loose tabs” so it is easily removed. What this means is to secure the diaper on the sides so it is on but just not as tight as usual. Line the car seat with a burp cloth or diaper pad to protect against leaks.

5 Load Up- You are all set, hop in the car and head to the studio! The Ride will put your little one into a deep sleep. Cover the baby when you get out of the car so the sun doesnt startle them awake! When you get to studio I will carefully get your sleeping baby out of the carseat and get started.

Things you can expect from me on the day of the shoot:

•They usually take 2-4 hours, due to all of the setting up and keeping baby happy and sleepy for the majority of the time. 
•The temperature will be a nice and warm (85 degrees +).  Since we will be undressing baby for the photos we want baby warm and to keep him/ her sleepy.
•I will have a white noise machine to help keep baby calm.
•My Assistant and I will take really good care of your little bundle of joy! That way it will give you time to sit and relax until it’s time for your pictures with baby. Wouldn’t that be nice? 
•Lots of poses with the bean bag and blankets, baskets, hats
•Be prepared for explosions of all kinds. Poop, pee and spit up may go flying or spraying on anything around. I will have burp cloths, wipes and clean up stuff out and ready!
•I will have a lot of props & equipment